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A True Family Guided Meditations

Try our guided meditations to transform, heal and prosper your family’s key relationships.

The Power of Sound

Music in our meditations helps harmonize both hemispheres of the brain allowing changes in our stuck emotions.

Transformative Statements

Transformative statements in our meditations support the transition of stuck energy blockages into a new life. 

The Mightiness of Your Soul

The music and transformative statements resonate with your soul. It is your own soul which navigates changes.

Your New Life

As the stuck energies start releasing, new possibilities and opportunities would start appearing in your life.

Family Harmony

Heal Family Relationships

Included in A True Life guided meditations subscription are Family Circle Healing meditations. Below is a list of these meditations. Start transforming your most important family relationships today!

My Parents

Relationship with our parents is of the most significant importance for our well-being and prosperity. This should be healed first and foremost for your life to start flowing freely.

And at any time in life when you may need support, these guided meditations will be available to you to reconnect with your parents and for their support to be there for you. It is majestic!

My Grandparents & Ancestors

The love of our grandparents, great grandparents and ancestors for us is immense. And their transgenerational influence on our life is truly tremendous.

Connecting with our grandparents, great grandparents and ancestors brings us tremendous support and protection from many generations of our family. It is truly humbling.

My Sibling(s) 

Having a sincere, honest and genuine relationship with our brother(s) and/or sister(s) is of significant importance. Our siblings are an integral part of our life and our being.

When we connect with our siblings at the energy level, at the soul level, new spaces for harmonious and respectful relationships open up on their own. It is a blessing.

My Spouse

My spouse is my choice of the most significant person I want to spend my life with. Through the best, but also through the most challenging times of our life together.

My Wife & My Husband guided mediations help us untangle and transform sabotaging energies into a relationship filled with respect, love and joy.

My Children 

My children are an extension of mine and my spouse’s life, an extension of the life of our families. And as parents, we always want the best for our children.

When we connect with our children at the energy level, at the soul level, we have the ability to heal our relationships and allow them to soar. It truly is a gift.

Life Prosperity

Transform Your Life Into A True Prosperity

Included in A True Life guided meditations subscription are Life Prosperity Transformation meditations. Below is a list of these meditations. Start transforming your life today!

When we are at deep inner peace everything in our life finds its proper place, a mirace in action!

Prosperity is naturally given to every one of us. We just need to remember this and claim it back.

Clarity of the mind and our perceptions is of significant importance in life, here we fully claim it back to us.

The pinnacle of every life is experiencing unity with the Source which gave us life. The Oneness.

When you are working on a project of significance for your life purpose & other people great help is here.

A New Planet! An awakened planet where love, respect, faith, peace, service, co-creation & Oneness live. Experience it.

Our Heart! That magnificent organ. Connect with it, show it your pure love and gratefulness, for all it does for us.

The body is our precious vessel that carries us through life. Saying sincere thank you rejuvenates its vitality.

When faced with wellness challenges, we have our inner native ability to initiate gentle self-recovery.

Challenging relationships are the invitations to look deeper into ourselves to restore peace & love.

Meet the energy of anxiety cause, acknowledge it, express your gratitude and free its existence.

Meet the energy of anger cause, acknowledge it, express your gratitude and free its existence


People who have subscribed to A True Life guided meditations have become our extended global family.

Here are some of their thoughts and testimonials.

A Phone Call

Me and my father have not talked for years. Very sad. I was in the second week of listening to My Father meditation when a phone call came in, it was my father.

Samantha G.
Vancouver, Canada

Tears & Relief

While listening to My Ancestors guided meditation, tears started flowing on their own. Could not stop it. A huge relief, no words to say. Many thanks! 

Tamara D.
Sydney, Australia

Deep Love 

My Mother meditation was recommended to me by a friend. A few days after listening, I felt such a deep and profound love from her. It was deeply profound. 

John P.
Houston, USA

Inner Divine Peace

What made the most impact on me was a realization about Inner Divine Peace. My entire life I have been searching for peace. Incredible I could not see it earlier.

Danica K.
Split, Croatia

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