Whenever I reacted unconsciously to what was happening to me in life, I ended up with a problem in my hands and lap.

When I reacted unconsciously, I actually gave all my power to the thing that was coming at me. I fed my very own life energy to the low frequencies of other people and situations.

Today when things happen to me, I do my very best not to respond and react impulsively, immediately.

This helps me immensely in life. I allow whatever is happening to take its course and passes by. I try not to react to things however challenging they may be.

This act of not reacting gives me space and time to look at what is actually going on. Is there any deeper meaning in all of that? I can think and decide how to best respond, or not, depending on the situation.

I cannot stress enough how much this has helped me in life. Not to get caught into senseless arguments and the net of negative energy coming from other people and circumstances.

Giving myself five minutes of delay in responding to what is happening does miracles.

Taking few conscious and deep breaths calms everything in me. It opens space to stay centered in my own Being. And control my own reality!

Non Reaction is also great prevention tool. When I do not react, I eliminate my unconscious resistance and judgment.