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A True Life Vision

A True Life project vision has four core elements.

A True Self

A True Self is a Divine Self. It is our very own self as it has been designed by our Creator. It is our very best self that lives and exists in Divine Peace, Love, Respect, Faith, Goodness and  Light. 

Our main goal is to help you fully awaken and restore your very own True Self. The most beautiful and realized version of you.  Divine You!

A True Family

A True Family initiative is an integral part of A True Life project. It has been born as a result of the enthusiasm of people who believe in the Power of Family, its purpose, its love, its strength and its deep meaning. Our main goal is to assist you in restoring harmony in your own family. One family at a time.

We are witnesses that today the vast majority of families carry deep issues, trauma and pain. Through our Family Circle Healing modality, we will provide quite impactful tools and means to heal these challenges to open new possibilities in your life and the lives of your family members.

A True Community

‘It Takes a Village to Raise a Child!’ A True Community is a larger family of our own individual families living together in harmony, deep respect, appreciation, peace, love, mutual support, service and creation.

Living in harmony with Mother Nature with zero impact on our planet Earth.

A New Planet! Heavens on Earth. Life on Planet Earth as once it was, humans in full harmony with Mother Nature and all living beings. A global community of enlightened communities from the entire world. Yes, we can do it, it is all up to us, when we awaken to our true possibilities.

A True Life

The main objective of A True Life project is our personal transformation into harmony, inner Divine peace, purpose, service and co-creation.

Our main objective is to provide you with the knowledge, experience and tools to successfully transform your very own life into a true prosperity, by yourself.   

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