Non attachment is the most challenging thing to achieve.

By our very own nature we are beings of attachment. We attach to everything. Our parents, our siblings, our friends, the place where we live, our religion, our nationality, our possessions … There are so many different things we love to attach to.

When we unconsciously attach to something, it is like we give the power of our Being to that external thing. Whatever it may be.

The fact of life is that everything passes. Everything has its own life expectancy. So, if we attach unconsciously to a person, and that person seizes to be in our life any more, we will be exposed to immeasurable amount of suffering and pain.

The same applies to material possessions. When we deeply attach to different things, we set ourselves for tremendous suffering in the future.

For example, someone steals a car you love and cherish so much. You would be upset for months and will not be able to function properly. There are many examples like this.

I have to admit that I am still working on Non Attachment approach to life. I am trying to transform it to be a conscious relationship.

The very key thing here is my deep understanding that everything, and I mean everything, comes and goes in and out from my life.

Today I am deeply aware, more I cling to something or someone, more difficult it will be for me when that thing or a person or a situation are no longer present.

I am fully aware of what kind of suffering I may experience in the future. Hence, I am very conscious about how much of myself I give to anything or anybody. This is kind of preventative work.

What also helps me immensely, is my deep realization that the only thing that is eternal is my relationship with the Source of Life.

That is where my true home is and that is where I fully surrender. This will never seize to exist and this will never betray me. Period.