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I would like to thank all people who read the Divine Guidance book and provided their personal reviews. Their insights are deeply appreciated and valued. Thank you for your willingness and commitment to reading the book and my deep gratitude for your recommendations.

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Inspiring Book 

The book was written really well. Very interesting and unusual reading.

It is admiring how openly the author shared difficulties and suffering he had encountered in his life.

Even more impressive is his journey to find his secret calling, purpose and mission of his life. At minimum, takeaways useful for all of us should be his “approaches to life”.

Very inspiring story! Thank you!

Viola, Toronto, Canada
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Amazing Read

Enjoying the insights and how certain parts of the book resonate with my own experience. It is a lovely inspirational book that will speak to everyone on some level. Author systematically describes his own journey from hardship to insights, realizations and awakening. Very well written and easy to understand with interesting and helpful practices such as Reducing Karma Load. Highly recommended. Thanks Amazon for speedy delivery.

Toronto123, Toronto, Canada
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Wanderful Book

It gives you a new outlook on life. Gives lots of lessons – unique experiences and perspectives.

It is commonly said that health is the greatest wealth. In every illness or problem, there is a message that we send to ourselves and we reflect that on the environment. Understanding that message leads to healing. Religion, philosophy, spirituality that intertwine in the book point to the fact that every problem, disease has its deeper causes that knowing that cause leads to healing and problem solving. In his work, Hap points to a path that leads to a deeper understanding of what is happening to us and how it is possible to find, understand and resolve problems and illnesses.

If we are ready for certain changes in life that Hap suggests then the problem becomes our friend and leads to true health and healing.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a better life. Open your mind and read this.

Petar, Toronto, Canada
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Insightfull Read 

Divine Guidance is an insightful read. The author takes us through life experiences and challenges and how they inspired him to get on a spiritual journey.

He explains some interesting concepts like Energy Inheritance and a River of Life. His passion for leading awakened and fulfilled life is very inspiring and you cannot but start wondering how you could apply some of these aspects to your own life.

If the world would realize that love is the biggest power of all, we would be in a much better place today.

Bpop, Toronto, Canada
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Excellent Book 

I truly enjoyed reading this book that reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs and self identification with the world outside of us, creating needless suffering in everybody’s life. Thus, this book offers a powerful view that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of true happiness, and love. Strongly recommended to everyone.

Goran, Toronto, Canada
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Authentic Read 

Divine Guidance is a very authentic book, where Hap White bravely opened up his heart and soul to the broad audience, by sharing his life learnings through challenges he went through.

The most important takeaways:
Live a True Life
Balance Between the Material and Spiritual Life
Self-Forgiveness, ‘I Did As Best I Could’
The Now – Live Life Today
Not Knowing – Keep Ego In Check
The Power Of True Friends – You Are Not

Young, Toronto, Canada
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Thank You For Writing This Book 

Thank you for putting your feelings on paper … for exposing everything in and around you … for clarifying and trying to bring closer and explain the constellations, meditations and that blissful feeling of love, happiness, and peace. 

Marina, Toronto, Canada
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Great Read

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was written with clarity and gives practical advice on where to find guidance and help. I always wondered how I was connected to my ancestors and what I had inherited from them. This book helped me understand how those traits were passed down and what to do about it. A good read, I highly recommended it.

Greg Deleersnyder, Toronto, Canada
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Don’t Cast Judgement But Read It All And Decide If It Makes Sense To You

Hap, I’m a third into your book and I’m continually interested in what is next. I was concerned that some of the concepts seem esoteric, but they just need time to simmer and then they begin to make sense. It helps that you have given me some of these concepts in our conversations. 

I often wonder if anyone is open enough to not cast judgment that our programming forces us to do. For example, if I discuss faith, Him, Christ, and Holy Spirit with others, some people cannot get past our programming to Believe… they need tangible proof that they can touch. They might think I’ve lost my marbles.

Similarly your book discusses family constellations that might be hard for some to grasp… thinking that its too far out there. It needs a disclaimer, “don’t cast doubt or judgment until you read it all, and then decide if it makes sense” (you kind of stated that in the book). Something so Magnificent, Devine and great needs to be shared with others.

I know when I finish your book and decide to take action and also share it with my family or others I will introduce it with this disclaimer… don’t cast judgment but read it all and decide if it makes sense to you.

Chris G., Toronto, Canada

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