Non judgement is an extremely powerful life approach.

Through my life I have been caught into this trap of judging people, things, situations or conditions.

Oh my dear God how deeply polluting this was for my life and my Soul. Anytime I judged, what I actually did, I created a cloud of negative energy which dirtied my life.

And not only that!

Every time I judged anything, I created negative emotional charge which went straight into my very own heart.

Over the years I gathered so many negative charges that such pollution was massively stealing my life energy. I felt tired and completely wasted.

In few life situations I judged some people and I was very passionate about it. Facts were telling me that such and such person is this or that. But then one minor additional fact or piece of information would surface which would change the entire situation.

When I would learn about this additional thing, I would realize that my assumptions were completely wrong. And I would feel like I was a complete moron for thinking the way I did. I would be so deeply ashamed of myself.

Life though me a precious lesson! Never judge! Anything and anybody! Never!

It does not matter what it is, how things appear to be, do not judge. Do not pollute my very own heart! Do not pollute my very own life. Period.