A True Life

Live a Life of True Purpose & Fulfillment

Our Right To Live  A Truly Harmonious Life!

Here & Now! 

Your Very Own Right To Blossom In Life

Every one of us came into this world with the full rights to live a harmonious and truly fulfilled life. Every one of us has powerful inner abilities to manifest a beautiful life.

Transform Challenges Into Harmony

We as energy being can create and manifest anything. Our Guided Meditations awaken our inner Divine abilities & transform challenges into a blessed life.

Expend Your Life Understanding

One of the very key steps in manifesting a truly fulfilled life is to expend our understanding of who we really are and what is this life all about through our Life Sharings.

Create & Live a Life You Truly Deserve

We are here to share our lives together. We are here to evolve together as a community into enlightened Beings. To manifest Heavens in your life and planet Earth.

Divine Guidance Book

What Every Person Must Know About Life! 

Divine Guidance book has positively changed the lives of many people around the globe. This book opens new horizons in understanding who we really are, what is this life all about and how we can manifest & live a truly magnificent life.

Essential Life Questions

Sooner or later we all face these essential life questions. Usually, when life pressures are hard, we go to the depths of our Being where we eagerly search for the answers.

What Is The Purpose Of My Life?

Why Do I Suffer So Much?

What Is This Life All About?

Who Am I?

Why Am I Here?

To preview Divine Guidance book, please click on any of the logos presented below.

A True Life Guided Meditations

The Power to Change Your Life Now! 

A True Life Guided Mediations awaken your inner abilities to transform challenges and suffering into new prosperous relationships and life. Enlighten your life through the beautiful music and Family Constellations energy movements.

My Family Series

Claim What Is Yours! 

Our family is the very heart of our life. When we sincerely & genuinely connect with our parents, our ancestors, our brothers & sisters, our children, tremendous and magnificent new opportunities open in our life.

Transform Life Series

Claim What Is Yours! 

One of the best-kept secrets is that we as humans have deep inner abilities to transform any life challenge into a new and prosperous life. These guided meditations help us relieve & improve our lives, here and now.

Claim Life Series

Claim What Is Yours! 

Prosperity, abundance, harmony, love, peace, respect, these are all our very native states of Being. We have full rights to claim these states of Being back into our life. Our guided meditations work exactly on that.

Divine Self Series

Who We Truly Are 

The beauty of an awakened human Being is truly incredible and breathtaking. Inner Divine Peace, Love, Goodness, Humbleness, Forgiveness. Divine Self guided mediations help us remember & awaken our Divinity.

Inner Self Series

Inner Parts Harmony 

We as humans are complex Beings. Very few of us know & understand this. Many entities compose us. Only when our entities are oriented properly, we can achieve inner harmony, incredible inner beauty & mightiness.

Manifest Life Series

Manifest A True Life 

Life is meant to be truly fulfilling, purposeful & enlightening. Celebration of the Divine on planet Earth. These guided meditations help us manifest & live the life we are meant to live. A True Life, A Divine Life! Here & now.

Life Sharings

Knowledge, Experience & Wisdom! 

A True Life Sharings main goal is to help us expand our understanding of who we truly are and how the reality we live in really works. And how we can transform our biggest challenges into a truly prosperous and purposeful life.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations are one of the most effective methods for resolving some of the most significant life challenges. It is one of the biggest gifts the Divine provides us humans with. In this Life Sharing we will explain what Family Constellations are, how they work & how they help us live a prosperous life.

A True Prosperity

What is A True Prosperity? What is A True Life? These questions are the very foundation of our existence. If we know where we are going, we can find a path to it. This is the focus of this Life Sharing, to provide us with a perspective on what this life is all about and how we can get to its most desired destination.

My Mother & My Father

Mother & Father are two of the most significant people in our life. We got our life from them. They shaped how we live our lives. Balancing and harmonizing our relationship with our parents is one of the most significant prerequisites for us to live A True Life. This Life Sharing is focused on that, My Parents.

Life Events

Conversations About A True Life! 

A True Life Live Events connect us together to share our life realizations, lessons learned, what works the best and to ask any questions we may have.

Family Constellations Introduction  

Family Constellations are one of the most effective methods for healing life trauma and transforming the most significant challenges into a prosperous life.

In this webinar we will share with you the following:

What Are Family Constellations?
Why Do We Struggle In Life?
Why Do We Have Fears & Anxiety?
Why Do We Suffer In Life?
How Do Family Constellations Help Us Resolve Major Challenges In Our Life?
How Do Family Constellations Help Us Transform Our Life Into A True Prosperity & Abundance?
What Can I Do Today To Start Improving My Life?

Join us for this free webinar to learn about one of the best-kept secrets about our lives.

Awakened Community

Grow & Evolve Together!

The Power of Community

Our ancestors knew this very well, the power of community. As they lived in times when they were heavily dependent on each other. They knew that a strong community is one of the most significant matters in their life.

Today, this is more important than ever!

When we sincerely come together, we share our knowledge, we share our experience, we share our resources, we work tother on our joint projects …

We belong! We make a difference! We propel together!

Join A True Life Community today!

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