Life Missions

We all come into life with an assignment which the Source of Life provisioned for us. An assignment which is unique for every single one of us. This assignment is an assignment of all assignments. The most significant, the most impactful and the most important project of all projects.

It is the Mission of our Life. A Divine Calling!

When we connect with the mission of life, when we start working on this, everything changes and everything opens for us. We achieve the highest levels of life vibrations.

On this page we will present some Life Missions that members of our Awakened Community are thriving on. With an invitation to join us Awakened Planet Seeders and Co-creators. 


Living Today Portal

Life transformation through poetry!

Life transformation through sharing deep realizations and experiences.

Life transformation through active contribution and participation in the awakening community.

Visit: https://livingtodayportal.com 

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