Inner Divine Peace

The Mightiness Of Life

Life A True Life

Get free Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation and start positively transforming your life! Here & Now! 

Heal & Transform Relationship

With Your Mother

Prosper & Blossom In Life

Awaken Inner Divine Peace, the mightiest state of your being.

When we are in a state of Inner Divine Peace everything in our life finds its proper place. Inner Divine Peace aligns and arranges any life situation or challenges to unfold as best as possible for us. Remarkable! 

Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation gently takes you into the most beautiful depths of your very own being.

Give yourself one of the biggest of all, your Inner Divine Peace!

Our inner divine peace untangles and resolves any life challenge or situation. It brings us true life prosperity!   

Main Benefits

The main benefits of Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation are listed below.

Heal Your Emotions

Through gentle music and transformational words, heal your emotions, sadness, fear, anger or other.

Release Guild, Blame & Shame

Release your very own most powerful jailer, your inner feelings of blame, shame and guilt

Enjoy Your New Self

Be free again! With all burdening emotions and thoughts released, you will be your new self!

Enjoy A Loving Relationship

Your new energy would invite your mother to radiate in the same way as you, be calm, loving & supportive.

Open New Possibilities 

Now that your mother is fully back in your life, new possibilities for both would be beautifully opening up.

Propel In Life

Mother is life, mother is prosperity. Now with your mother’s support, wonderful things would be ahead.

Inner Divine Peace

The Mightiness Of Your Life

Your Inner Power to Live Truly Prosperous Life  

Meditation Flow & Content

The main benefits of My Mother Guided Meditation are the following. 

Part I: Calming the Life 

The first step in this guided meditation is to calm your thoughts, emotions & body from everyday life pressures and noise.

Part II: Transforming & Healing

The second part of this guided meditation gently transforms and heals stuck emotions & blockages. It focuses on resolving the old.

Part III: A New Life

In the third part of this guided mediation, we are opening a new, truly blessed and harmonious relationship with your mother.

Item I: Suggested Instructions 

The first item of this package is pdf file that provides explanations and instructions on how to best use this guided meditation.

Item II: Guided Meditation

The second item of this package is the guided mediation itself. Click on it, relax and listen to the gentle music and guiding voice. Enjoy the new changes.

Item III: Music Only 

The third item provided in this package is the guided meditation music only. If you like to meditate without a guiding voice, you can listen to the music only.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some of the most frequent questions people have related to our guided meditations. If you may need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.   

I never meditated. Can I use your guided meditations?

It does not matter if you have never before mediated. You can listed to our guided meditations and your inner energies will work on the necessary transformations.

Do I need to know how to meditate?

Absolutely no. For our guided meditation there is no right or wrong way of doing them. There is only your own way. 

How often should I listen to the guided meditations?

The majority of people listen to our meditation once per day. But it is really up to you. Listening to our meditations twice or three times per day would be ok. Or every second or third day, that is ok too. 

How long will it take to see some results?

Emotional transformations usually start even on the first listening and they continue over time. The longer you listen to the guided meditations, the more inner changes are deeper and more impactful.

How do guided meditations help me?

Our guided meditations are designed to work with your inner self. In actuality, your inner self transforms your stuck emotions and blockages. Our guided meditations only initiate and support this process.  

How does life around me change?

As you start healing your stuck emotions, you will start to experience peace and calm. This new state of peace and calm will start to transform everything around you, it works like a charm.  

Which principles your guided meditations use?

Our guided meditations are designed based on Systemic Constellations principles. These principles work with our own inner self in successfully resolving our deep emotional disturbances and trauma.

Can I listen your meditations on the mobile devices?

We have partnered with Soundwise mobile application platform and all of our guided meditations are served on mobile devices via that app.

If I have any questions, how can I get more information?

We are looking forward to hearing from you! if you may need more information or have any questions, please send us an email at support@atruelife.net. Our team will get back to you shortly.   


Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation has positively impacted the lives of many people around the globe.
Below are some of the testimonials people around the world shared with us. Deeply grateful we are! 


Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation is truly profound. Its music, the guiding voice, the composition of it, it is really profound. Blessed that I found It. 

Ismail K.
Istambul, Turkey

Gorgeous Music

The music of Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation is truly something very special. Gentle, touching, deep, balancing, in one word gorgeous. Love it!  

Paola E.
Rio De Janerio, Brasil


As I started listening to Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation somehow I started feeling refreshed, with new energy for life and everything around me.  

John W.
London, England

Time For Myself 

Since I first met Inner Divine Peace Guided Meditation, every day I dedicate thirty minutes of time to dive into the peace. This time is only for myself.

Jose Garcia M.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Other Meditations

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Relationship with our Mother is one of the most important things in our life. My Mother Guided Meditation helps us untangle relationship challenges with our mother to open new possibilities in our life! Something truly special!

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A relationship with our Father is one of the most important things in our life. My Father Guided Meditation helps us untangle relationship challenges with our father to open new possibilities in our life! Something truly special!

My Parents

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My Parents Mediation connects us with both of our parents at the soul level. As we take a proper energy position with both of our parents, we allow ourselves to untangle challenges with our parents and truly blossom in life.

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